What Is the Simple Way to Smoothly Manage X-Cart Customers?

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Keeping accurate customer information is vital when running X-Cart web store. X-Cart customers arranging is quite a versatile process - you are obliged to accept new clients and monitor those who are already registered. Even after a user has registered, you may need, for example, to change address or add some details to current account.

To set X-Cart customers list without a hitch and not to omit any detail X-Cart store proprietor should have flexible customer management tool at their disposal. To neatly systematize information on your clientele you won’t go without Store Manager for X-Cart application. Its “Customers” section is dedicated to quick and spotless customers data organizing.

xcart customers section

Having switched to Customers section you will find a window divided into several parts, where you can see X-Cart customers list, customers info and orders they have made at your store. To accelerate customers search you can make use of Store Manager filtering system, disposed on the right side of the window and sort clients by date or products.

Customers toolbar homes set of operations you can resort to while managing X-Cart customers information.

With Store Manager you can on the fly:

Create new X-Cart customers

Adding new customer requires you to specify details in special Edit Customer form. There are being included four tabs you need to switch between to insert information demanded - Main, Additional, Login Details, Financial, Additional Fields.

Personal details are to be outlined in Main tab, namely you should input X-Cart customers first name, last name, e-mail, fax, phone, etc. Additional tab represents the following fields to be filled in: customer address, city, country, zip code, etc. Fields marked with asterisk are required and can’t be skipped while adding customer to your X-Cart store database.

add xcart customer

Alter Customers Data

Whenever you need to bring some alterations and modify existing customer account, you may accomplish it via same Edit Customer data form. Double click on the customer record or press “Edit Customer” button on the toolbar or context menu to derive the form. Move between tabs and change customer details.

Delist X-Cart customers

Delete X-Cart customer option can be observed on customers toolbar or in customer context menu. Select customer/customers you should remove and press corresponding button. You will get the dialog box that asks your confirmation to proceed and remove the record.

Import/Export customers from/to csv file

Store Manager for X-Cart allows you to export customers and data associated to them to csv file as well as upload X-Cart customers from the file to store database. It’s being accomplished via built-in wizard tool that accurately guides you through each and every step of data transfer to/from file.

Refresh data icon allows you to renew customers list and get actual information, for example, after the connection has been changed.

Having decent number of customers at database it may take time to arrange them in a proper way. Store Manager turns X-Cart customers management to straightforward and effective process. Find details on Store Manager functionality - http://www.xcart-manager.com

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