How to Create X-Cart Product Variants via Product Options?

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Oftentimes X-Cart users offer products that are being characterized by subtle difference, let’s say goods differ in size or color, in case you sell clothing. These items come in variants and it might be quite cumbersome to create separate product for each and every of these variants. You can treat them as one product and offer under the same product title.

It’s more convenient for you, as web merchant, since you can apply set of X-Cart options across multiple products in less time. Web visitors, in their turn, can customize a purchase and choose necessary product variation. By means of X-Cart options you describe the difference between this or that product variant. Thus, adding certain item to cart, buyers can select option or combination of options that best suit their needs.

Store Manager for X-Cart allows you in a matter of minutes set X-Cart options and create customizable products. First of all, you have to differentiate “product option” and “product class” notions. X-Cart product class should be created first, as it incorporates list of option variants possible. If, for example, you are selling blouses in 6 colors (blue, white, brown, red, pink, purple) and 3 sizes (S, M, L), then logically Color and Size will represent product classes, that will include list of X-Cart product options - specific class values.

To efficiently set X-Cart products with options you are to accomplish the following procedures:

Define what item you need to create X-Cart options for

Open Categories and Products section of Store Manager for X-Cart application and select an item you need from X-Cart product list. You may use product filter or search functionality to easily derive required product.

Add X-Cart product class

As it was mentioned above, before adding options to some products you should create product class. Having selected a product, go to the lower grid, where you will find Product Options section. Among all the options accessible you can see Class Manager button. Press it to add necessary X-Cart product class.

You have to define:

  • Class - input product class name (e.g color, size)
  • Class Text - class name as it will appear at product page - name of the field from which customers will choose X-Cart option values
  • Order by - define position of current product class relatively to other classes fields shown at product page
  • Class Type - define suitable class type among:

1.Price modifier - class type that allows to modify product price, depending on option value chosen by a customer. Price can be altered by percentage or absolute value.

2.Product variant - specifying this option type you will be able to define all X-Cart options combinations available for certain product.

3.Custom text field - this option type furthers product customization, allowing customers to add description of certain option. As an example, buying some gift, a customer would like gift card to come with it. It’s possible to provide card message via custom text field.

Create X-Cart options

Necessary product classes being created, add desired option values to a product. Highlight same product in X-Cart product list and go to Product Options section below. Press “A new product option” icon on the toolbar and in the window opened specify necessary information, namely:

  • Class - select appropriate product class from the drop-down (color or size)
  • Option name - input option value name (e.g white, green, red for color; S, M, L for size)
  • Price modifier - via this option you can set price markup for current product option. If you want to increase or decrease price specify modifier type (percentage or fixed value) and value price will be modified by
  • Order by - define position of current option value

X-Cart options can be also managed in Product Variants form, that is being opened by pressing corresponding button on product toolbar. It lists all the combinations available and allows to create new options or update existing ones.

Product options are feasible way of X-Cart products customizations. Streamline and simplify the process of product options management - create and update product classes and options, associate option values to necessary products, copy/paste product options at an easy rate with Store Manager for X-Cart application. Get more details on Store Manager for X-Cart -

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