X-Cart Images: Efficient Way to Add Main, Detailed Product Pictures and Thumbnails

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Purchasers who are attempting to buy something over the Internet usually make their choice counting on X-Cart images. Since there is no other trusted means of checking the product, images are the things that at least can offer you a slightest idea of how the entity actually looks like. Thus, pictures are ideal “promoters” of products at your X-Cart catalog.

Taking into account the mentioned point, store owners should understand that in case there are still no images or some of the images are missing for your products, it means that you will potentially lose the client that can access your store. Thus, to avoid such an unpleasant fact, you have as soon as possible to add pictures to all of your products at your X-Cart catalog. The saying “The more, the better” is perfectly applied to this situation, so online merchants have to use efficient X-Cart image uploader to cope with the task.

Store Manager for X-Cart can serve you as smart and flexible X-Cart image uploader, allowing to add main product images, thumbnails and multiple detailed product pictures within a few seconds.

When you start the application and choose the item to which you have already appended the image and do not see the image listed or in case you are just trying to add it and have no luck, must be you have not set up FTP connection previously. Without it, X-Cart images will not be possible.

To set up FTP connection, open Preferences (F12) -> select FTP tab and indicate there all the details required to connect.

To add X-Cart images to your product, open item’s edit form and in the tab “Images” you will be able to add main image, thumbnail and additional pictures using "Add" button. After that you will be able to select the icon from local folders of your PC. Main image and thumbnail can be one. In case you would like to provide your clients with more pictures of the goods, use Detailed images.
In case you used X-Cart image uploader and have already added the image and you need to use it again for other good, you can press this "From FTP" button and choose the image from your FTP. Also you can type image name in the field “FileName” and it will be applied to this product. To remove images use the appropriate button for deleting it.
After you added the image, its name will be reflected in “Image” field.
Each image has the fields with information on it:
Availability - this option is in charge of reflection of the picture at the front-end.
Image path - displays to which exactly location your image was uploaded at FTP. All pictures are added to image folder. Thumbnails are added to “T” subfolder of images folder, “M” - there main images are placed and “D” folder contains detailed images.
Image type - defines format of the image.
Alt - specify there an alternate text for an image.
For your convenience, switching between the products, you can see X-Cart images uploaded in the lower grid.

Make your X-Cart catalog more attractive and colorful, adding product images with such powerful X-Cart image uploader as Store Manager for X-Cart. Discover more possibilities of the application and upload images in bulk using the software -

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