The Way You Manage X-Cart Products Is the Way You Enhance Business Performance

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Any X-Cart web store is as good as information put on it. You should always present clientele relevant and up-to-date store catalog, what demands permanent X-Cart product update and upload carrying out.

Store Manager for X-Cart foresees convenient and easy-to-use system of X-Cart product management, what gives you the flexibility to present store catalog in the way website browsers will respond to it. Its Mass Product Changer addon allows to efficiently proceed with X-Cart edit product procedure, manage X-Cart stock, quantity, price, etc, for multiple items at once what are one of the foremost tasks to keep your store successful.

What edges does Mass Product Changer give to X-Cart users and why is it unrivaled for X-Cart product update fulfilling?

Smart Prices Option

Pricing is an important piece of business - it serves as a signal to make a purchase for customers and provides incomes for store owners. Creative pricing ideas are necessary for attracting customers and gaining more profits.

X-Cart store owners have the possibility to easily set smart prices for products via Mass Product Changer tool. For example, you need to set smart price for certain range of products. Choose the items needed, open Smart Price Settings tab of Mass Product Changer and specify the value, by which price will be reduced in Delta field. Factor (round) value allows you to round price by certain value, for example 5. Don’t forget to press Ok button to accomplish X-Cart product update. Thus, you can derive 19.99, 24.99, 9.99 prices in several clicks only.

Opportune X-Cart stock management

Effective X-Cart stock management is paramount for online merchants. Often you may face the issue when items disposed at the website go out of stock, but still they are displayed at the frontend and people are ordering them. It can cause declining sales and customers dissatisfaction.

To avoid stockouts and maintain actual product stock level you should fall back upon Mass Product Changer tool. You can change products quantity to more than 0 in the process of X-Cart edit product to make your products available or put 0 to disable X-Cart items. Moreover, you can set low available limit - number of entities remaining in stock that will be regarded as insufficient. Once product quantity reaches the limit, products will be disabled and won’t be shown at the frontend. Product quantity and low available limit can be changed by percentage value, +/- value or setting fixed value in the corresponding field.

Advanced Modifications

Advanced Modifier tab of Mass Product Changer instrument allows to bring amendments to any product details - description, product dimensions, provider, etc. Just input information in the field(s) you need, check the box(es) for current field(s) and press Ok to finish X-Cart product update. Furthermore, there is a possibility to modify data by means of Expression - command to execute definite operations, that will return numeric value or text required.

Comprehensive Store Manager for X-Cart and Mass Product Changer functionality is a real finding for flawless X-Cart product update undertaking and relevant store catalog maintaining. Find details on Store Manager and its addons here -

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