What Drives X-Cart Online Business Success?

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Have you heard the saying that site content drives the Internet? X-Cart product list is definitely the thing that deserves primary attention of any online shop keeper. X-Cart products act like building material to constitute the basis of your shop, like bricks make up the walls of ordinality brick-and-mortar store. Putting another brick, your store becomes bigger. The same thing is with e-shops, but there you input imaginary “bricks” when you carry out X-Cart add product procedure and improve it by X-Cart product update.

Store Manager for X-Cart provides you with complete set of all-in-one features for full control over X-Cart product list, keeping it relevant for prospective buyers. With the application you are eligible to accomplish the processes of X-Cart add product, X-Cart product update in minimum time and with less efforts spent.

The mentioned procedures are not problematic or tedious with Store Manager for X-Cart. The software is very user-friendly and the customers will be able to see all the available options at the toolbar or when by right-clicking on any product.

X-Cart add product

Inputting fresh items to your catalog is possible either by means of manual creating the product using “Create” button or by means of entities bulk upload via import.

If you select the first variant, remember to fill in mandatory fields or the product won’t be saved.

If bunch import of goods is more preferable, remember, that in the file there need to be all the rows responsible for the product to be shown at the front-end.

X-Cart product update

Your X-Cart product list should be updated on regular basis. Otherwise, soon you will get outdated or low-quantity items which will become out of stock. With Store Manager for X-Cart update is possible in 3 ways:

- one-by-one

- import implementing changes

- massively updating some values using Mass Product Changer addon of Store Manager

Importing with Store Manager you can gain benefit, as there is no need to include all the required fields. You can have in the spreadsheet only the field you would like to modify and another one with identifier. It not only eases the procedure, but also makes its accomplishment faster.

Alternative way to bring up changes in a few second is using Mass Product Changer adoon of Store Manager application. It buit-in the software in Demo mode. To get full functionality, it is required to order full addon version and register it within the software.

With Mass Product Changer addon all you need to do to alter sets of goods is to select the necessary items, run the tool, input different values and see the outcomes just immediately.

If you use Store Manager for shop handling, you won’t have to look for needed items by long-time surfing through the whole X-Cart product list. A number of built-in and custom filters, advanced search option allow to identify needed product in a few moments.

Store Manager makes X-Cart content control considerably easier. Discover its effectiveness -


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