The Secret of Creating Efficient X-Cart Store Catalog

Creating stand-alone and profitable X-Cart web store and developing customer-oriented X-Cart catalog are closely connected tasks. Actual and “fresh” web store content belongs to main considerations, store owner should be concerned about, when commencing on X-Cart online business.

X-Cart products can be defined as backbone, constituents of X-Cart catalog, what enforces web shopkeepers to keep to flexible and workable scheme of their arranging.

What points of X-Cart catalog management are first and foremost for store owners?

Regular replenishing store database with new items

A website is live in the eyes of clientele when it offers something original and new. This is one of the ways to stand out from the crowd and overcome competitors. You, like far-seeing X-Cart store owner, have to arm yourself with reliable tool, by means of which you can easily proceed with X-Cart add product and product related information.

How to accomplish X-Cart add product to replenish store catalog with new items? You can add them manually one-by-one or you can upload goods in bulk. Most likely, you won’t create, for example, 200 products manually, as it will be time-consuming and enough tedious procedure. In such a case you need to apply the import tool and enrich store database with new items in short time.

Constant X-Cart update product carrying out

Keeping X-Cart catalog constantly updated is indispensable for profitable business running. You have to keep actual product price, stock, quantity, description and other product details and bring any change required to your web site data. X-Cart update product, being performed accurately and opportunely, is the pledge of creating relevant and clear store catalog. You can rely upon X-Cart data import fulfilling or, as was mentioned above, change products one-by-one manually.

Images upload is obligatory

Site imagery is an unquestioning factor of creating popular web store. Images work like perfect incentives and contribute to sales increasing. The main thing here is to properly select photos and to efficiently upload them to X-Cart store database. Bring richness to your website and make it attractive for clientele uploading images to the store you develop.

Mentioned above tasks can be easily performed by means of Store Manager for X-Cart application. It possesses workable tools for successful store data management carrying out. It’s possible to perform X-Cart update product or X-Cart add product via import wizard instrument at an easy rate. Mass Product Changer addon perfectly copes with bulk product updates. Automated Product Import addon foresees rapid and scheduled Magento data upload.

Store Manager application speeds up and improves store management mission-critical tasks and contributes to developing profitable web store. Go to to find details on Store Manager functionality.