X-Cart Cron Import Is Get-At-Able for Everybody

X-Cart business is characterized by leaps and bounds development, what forces online entrepreneurs to dig for more productive instruments of effective X-Cart store management. X-Cart cron import is this very thing each and every store owner should rely on to build highly competitive e-store.

Very often online merchants face the dilemma - a supplier sends .csv file with new prices or information on exact stock of products every week. One would think that it’s not a big issue to change products price. But what will you do if you have thousands of products at your store? How will you cope with so huge X-Cart catalog?

There is a perfect way out! Store manager for X-Cart and its Automated Product Import Addon is a robust mechanism, which ensures resultative X-Cart cron import.

What advantages are X-Cart store owners endowed with?

  • Automated and scheduled X-Cart bulk upload of products
  • You can set up import configurations once and use it for further X-Cart cron import. Having added a scheduled task with Automated Product Import Addon you can be sure that the file will be imported at this very time.With Automated Product Import you are free to add abundance of new products to X-Cart catalog.

  • With Automated Product Import you can import images directly from your supplier
  • You can avoid manual images uploading. Your supplier can provide you with images links and they will be uploaded in the process of X-Cart cron import

  • Automated Product Import ensures precise X-Cart bulk upload of products
  • This tool foresees duplicated data entry and, thus, you avoid mistake occurrence. This is of great importance for each and every X-Cart store owner.

  • X-Cart cron import is a time-saving process with Automated Product Import Addon
  • You, like far-seeing and promising store owner, should plan your time rationally. Will you sit and change products prices manually? Of course, no - this will be your answer. X-Cart bulk upload of products takes it upon itself and accomplish all tedious procedures for you.

  • While performing data import with Automated Product Import Addon you can implement your modifications
  • If your import is automated and scheduled, it does not mean that your hands as to data modifications are tied. You can bring changes to .csv file which will undergo the import procedure. Also you can use Expressions to change the data of numeric fields.

With Store Manager for X-Cart and Automated Product Import X-Cart cron import is performed on the level with the highest standards. Make sure of it! Download both here - http://www.xcart-manager.com!