Make Your X-Cart Store More Attractive and Colorful

X-Cart images are immense part of any e-commerce website. Without having an ability to touch, hold, smell, taste or otherwise check the products they are interested in, potential buyers have the only way out - images, which describe the product best. Basically, the more attractive and tempting your product looks to customers, the more desire they have to purchase it from you, thus respectively, the bigger rate of profit you receive.

Let’s start with a few great points which each online merchants should take into account working with X-Cart images.

Think about image quality and their dimensions

It's a nice idea to resize images before uploading or use any suitable X-Cart image uploader with option to change dimensions of images. The images have to be of high quality, since if case you are going to do any modifications with images they have to be nice-looking for end-users, which are your clients.

Update your products with multiple images

Make your customer thrust you. No one wants to be fooled and get something completely different from what you saw at the image, especially when it is one and only. Provide your buyer multiple images of the product and show them that your product worth purchasing. If default method you use to add images does not support multiple images upload, use X-Cart image uploader with mentioned functionality, for example, Store Manager for X-Cart. The re-size can be done directly through import wizard which supports import of images from the file of .csv format. In case you need to perform X-Cart Excel import, it is possible only in case you convert Excel file to .csv.

Add only images relevant for particular product

It is natural that every store owner want to make product more attractive for buyers. But X-Cart images you provide should correspond to the actual look of the product. In case the client sees the product, buys it, but received something completely different from what he/she saw - the outcome may be awful and you will lose not only money, but also the thrust of your customer.

Add images in bulk to products instead of adding them manually one-by-one

The mentioned Import Wizard of Store Manager handles import of multiple images. All you need to do is to place image names in the file and separate them by comma or colon symbol. It is very easy and convenient.

Make it easier - upload images from external places

In case you take images from some remote places, there is no need for you to waste time on downloading them to your computer first and then uploading them to your X-Cart store. Store Manager for X-Cart handles import of remote images. All you need is to place http links to X-Cart images in your .csv file. If your supplier provides you file with images for X-Cart Excel import, do not worry, simply convert is as it it was mentioned above.

Try to follow the pieces of advice mentioned above and you will see how easier is the task of X-Cart image upload and how the level of customer satisfaction raises. With Store Manager for X-Cart your store will become colorful and more attractive for your clients. Check it yourself -