Develop Dynamic X-Cart Product Management System with Store Manager for X-Cart

To have many products in X-Cart product catalogue demands their effective management, so that information will be kept up-to-date and actual for your clients. This is one of the first tasks you will face when starting X-Cart e-Commerce. But to have abundance of products in your X-Cart catalogue you have to obtain handy method of their creating.

Store Manager for X-Cart application offers you different options, by means of which you can proceed with X-Cart add product operation. First of all, define how many products you need to add to X-Cart product catalogue. If you want, for example, to add several products to a category you can resort to elementary “Create New Product” option placed on the toolbar or in the product context menu.

Why is it “elementary”? Once you press it, “Edit Product Data” window with multiple tabs will appear. Here you can indicate maximum info about the product, like we say - from A to Z - product name, availability, to which category it will belong, manufacturer, price, description, product image, related products and more. It’s quite a convenient as you need only to switch between the tabs and insert the data in the fields given.

In case you need to create a product which is quite a similar to already existing one, lean on X-Cart clone product option. On the toolbar or in the product context menu you will easily find corresponding buttons. In that very category you will get an identical item with different SKU. Now bring all the necessary modification required in “Edit Product Data” window. X-Cart clone product option allows to create a new product on the basis of already existing one and is the fastest method of X-Cart add product.

Except of above mentioned techniques of X-Cart add product it is worth to mention X-Cart product import option. It allows to add multiple X-Cart products to the database within minimum time. If you need to replenish the store with wide scope of products, X-Cart import from .csv will be pointful.

Product management is greatly enhanced by Store Manager for X-Cart software. Don’t miss the opportunity, download Store Manager now.