X-Cart Inventory Management

eCommerce business occupies a fitting place among business trends and assumes wide scope of development. More people are interacting with X-Cart eCommerce business nowadays. X-Cart store like any other store calls for thorough X-Cart inventory management. For a start, let’s define what is X-Cart inventory. The total amount of goods, which certain store contains at a moment form X-Cart inventory.
X-Cart inventory management is a top priority task for X-Cart store owner. They should have their products displayed for sale on up to standard level to rivet their attention. For example, when you go on shopping what kind of stores do you visit? Of course, you will make a purchase in the shops which offer for sale up-to-date product models or high quality products on some discounts. In such a way X-Cart inventory should be “shelved” at X-Cart store.
Store Manager for X-Cart will come to the assistance in X-Cart inventory control, providing you with full scope of operations possible over your X-Cart products.
Stovepipe organization of Store Manager for X-Cart window plays into online merchants’ hands, as all options of X-Cart inventory managementcan be easily found over it. To the left you can see categories and subcategories, which contain certain groups of products. You can effortlessly manage your products and categories and assign X-Cart multiple products to corresponding category/s in short time.

Products toolbar contains all the necessary for X-Cart inventory control buttons
Choose any product/s from X-Cart product list and perform the action you need - delete, edit, clone, assign to the category/s. Press “Add new product” button and you will get the window where you should insert maximum data about new product.
The list of Store Manager instruments for X-Cart inventory control does not come to an end at this. Update your database efficiently with Store Manager Import/Export Wizard. X-Cart Import cooperates with .csv file format. You have your X-Cart product list and data concerning the products organized in the file. Proceed with X-Cart bulk price update and stock management at an easy rate with Import/Export Wizard.
Perform X-Cart bulk price update operation in several clicks with Store Manager Mass Product Changer. It’s highly convenient and time sparing tool. Update X-Cart multiple products data: modify price, quantity, products description, set smart prices and much more with astute Mass Product Changer tool.
Other Store Manager for X-Cart Addons should not be set aside when speaking about X-Cart inventory control. Addons considerably extend Store Manager functionality. For example, you can update your store content automatically directly from your supplier every day, week or month with Automated Product Import Addon.
X-Cart inventory management and store economic progress are interdependent concepts. Inventory is a trump card in X-Cart store owners hands, as it has an ability to boost store popularity and increase sale rate. Manage your store X-Cart inventory reasonably with Store Manager for X-Cart.