X-Cart Software - Your eCommerce Business Solution

You want to start online business but you don't know how? We have a perfect solution specially for you! X-Cart shopping cart is a unique platform for your internet shop and the absolute world leader among other open-source shopping carts.

What is X-Cart

This shopping cart is designed especially for software developers, companies that has already been doing retail sales, companies which want to start an online business, distributors, wholesalers, Internet companies and store owners.

Among the most famous users of X- cart software are: Facebook, WorldPay, FedEx, Australia Post, EWay, US Postal Service and other companies.

After installing X-Cart you only need to fill in your catalog with products, categories, product prices, discounts, company’s info, information about your service, modify the design of a particular business, etc.

X-Cart Gold vs X-Cart Pro. Which is Better?

X-Cart offers its users 2 different versions of X Cart shopping cart - Gold and Pro. Let’s have a look at each of these versions and the key distinctions between them.

X-Cart Gold
X-Cart Gold includes all the necessary tools you need to build a successful eCommerce store. This software is trusted by the most successful business owners over the world. It allows to sell products online, but only one seller can operate the store. The registered user of the software is both a store manager and a supplier of goods and services. Only this person has access to the internal environment of the shop and has all the rights to organize its work.
In X-Cart Gold all orders go to the site owner, and all payments go to the merchant account of the administrator. The administrator is able to control the shipping and the taxing system.

X-Cart Pro
X-Cart Pro allows the owner of the software license (the store administrator) to work with multiple vendors. The internal environment of the store is divided between different vendors, each of which can place the data on their products, services, taxes, delivery terms, and modify them, but has no control over the placement of goods and services of another vendor. The administrator has the exclusive rights of access to the data of all vendors may choose to organize and supervise their work until the withdrawal of goods from sale. The owner creates a list of tax types applicable to Customer orders and controls the list of shipping methods. He is able to check the income of each provider, as all payments go to his merchant account.

In other words, X-Cart Pro, possessing all the characteristics of X-Cart Gold, was designed to operate a large online store, or the cooperation of several businesses under a single owner of the software license.

Manage Your X-Cart Store At a Lightning Speed

Sometimes you can find it difficult to manage X-cart Store, so MagneticOne advises you to try Store Manager for X-Cart to simplify the operating of your eCommerce business. It is a desktop application for quick and effective work with your shop, as it provides a direct access to the store’s database.

This software is compatible with X-Cart GOLD as well as PRO 4.4.x versions.

The big benefit is you don't have to wait while some page will load up. You can manage your X-Cart products, Categories, Product options, Manufacturers, discounts, and other stuff in the simplest possible way, by saving almost 2 hours a day.

Summing up, X-cart shopping cart is ready to meet the challenge of eCommerce. It is definitely excellent solution for on-line store owners who would like to save a lot of time and to streamline their store management easily. And if you’ll definitely want to make your job more effective, enjoy the advantages of a quick and effective work with Store Manager for X-Cart!