How to Export Data with Peachtree Integration for X-Cart

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Peachtree Integration for X-Cart is Store Manager for X-Cart addon which allows you to export products, customers and orders to Peachtree easily. This unique application also enables product import from Peachtree to X-Cart. Peachtree Integration addon was developed to make export of products, customers and orders from web store to Peachtree easier.

Export Wizard is what we will talk about in this article. To start working with Peachtree Integration you need to choose one of the available export options: Product Export from X-Cart to Peachtree, Customer Export from X-Cart to Peachtree and Orders Export from X-Cart to Peachtree. Product Import from Peachtree to your X-cart-based store is also available.Than Export Wizard will guide you step-by-step through export setup process. These steps are quite alike for all export options.

First you will have to select the export option from the ones offered in the wizard, depending on what kind of data you want to export. When you're done you will be taken to Export Preview which enables you to filter and rearrange your data by various parameters. Be accurate with filters usage as they will affect export results.

When all the data is arranged properly proceed to Import/Export Options. Set corresponding export settings: you can connect to your Peachtree account, choose export method and set product options. The type of entry which should be created can be set: Inventory, Non Inventory, Service or Other Charge entries. You can also choose whether you want to modify the existing products only, create new ones only or do both.

The settings are selected it means you can go to the next step which is Products (Customers, Orders) Mapping. You need to map products (customers, orders) from your store to the corresponding items in Peachtree. This is important as it gives you the ability to avoid duplicates. This can be done either automatically or manually - it depends on you. Please consider that export will start right after you hit the "Export" button so check all the settings thoroughly.

That is it. Export is Completed and you can check the detailed log to see: the list of created/modified items, the list of exported products (customers, orders) and errors if some took place. After the Export process is completed you can check the results in Peachtree to see whether everything is correct.

As I already mentioned you can also benefit from Product Import from Peachtree to your X-cart-based store. In the nearest future the Import of Customers and Orders will also be available. Import Wizard is the resemblance of the Export one and all the steps are already familiar to you. Only it's the opposite process.

Peachtree Integration addon for Store Manager for X-Cart enables you to export order and customer information quickly and easily in an organized, timely manner. This Store Manager addon automates the export of products, customers and orders to Peachtree. You can use the Trial version to make sure it has the functionality you are looking for. Plese feel free to visit Peachtree Integration for X-Cart for further details.

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