Use QuickBooks Easily with Store Manager for X-Cart

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QuickBooks Integration addon for Store Manager for X-Cart was developed to export products, customers and orders from your store to QuickBooks and to import products from QuickBooks to your X-Cart-based store using Store Manager addon. Everything is pretty simple - start with export option selection and the wizard will guide you step by step through export setup process. Export Preview allows you to filter your data by date or product/customer/order ID.

With QuickBooks Integration for X-Cart you will be able to do the following:
  • Export Products from X-Cart to QuickBooks
  • Export Customers from X-Cart to QuickBooks
  • Export Orders from X-Cart to QuickBooks
  • Import Products from QuickBooks to X-Cart

In order to Export Products, Customers or Orders to QuickBooks you have to select the corresponding option and proceed with the Export wizard. You will have to go through several simple steps, they are quite similar for all export options, which have detailed instructions.

Next thing after you have selected products/customers/orders is Export Preview. Here you can filter your data by different parameters. Filters and sorting allow you to rearrange products the way you want. Be attentive as filters will affect the result of export.

Than you will have to set Import/Export Options: connect to your QuickBooks database, select the corresponding export method, taxes and product options. This step also enables you to select the type of entry you want to create: Inventory, Non Inventory, Service or Other Charge entries. Now you can also optionally update product quantity, export refunds and select time period (orders export).

After the Import/Export Options are set you should Map Products (Customers, Orders) from your store to the corresponding items from QuickBooks either automatically or manually. This will help you to avoid duplicates. Please note that Export will start when you click the "Export" button.

That is it. You're done! Export is completed. The last step of Export Wizard will display detailed log: the list of created/modified items, exported products (customers, orders) list and errors if there were any. When export is completed you can check the results in QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Integration for X-Cart also enables you to Import products from QuickBooks straight to X-Cart database. This process is quite similar to Export. You have to select product import from the options available, set same Import/Export settings as in Export wizard, Preview Import data (use various filters and sorting to filter or rearrange records). Import will start right after you click "Import" button. It's that simple. When the process is completed you can view the log for detailed info. Currently, we are also working to make customer and order import available for you soon.

This addon for Store Manager for X-Cart is quite simple to use and opens new horizons for your online business. QuickBooks Integration saves you the trouble to export your data manually. Our application synchronizes the database in your store and Quickbooks. Check QuickBooks Integration for X-Cart for further details.

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