Few Things to Consider about X-Cart Store Management and QuickBooks Integration

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X-Cart e-commerce solution has gained well-deserved popularity among online merchants as it contains all the necessary tools required to build a successful e-commerce store. It is fast and search-engine friendly, and is compatible with Paypal, Google Checkout, 2CO, UPS Ready, FedEx and other payment gateways. However, X-Cart management can be enhanced with special software such as Store Manager for X-Cart.

Store Manager for X-Cart is a Windows based program used to run an X-Cart based online store. It allows a user to manage a large variety of products, display images, control product details, create reports, and to keep track of sales. Furthermore, there are many modules and add-ons available to improve efficiency of use, including one for QuickBooks integration.

QuickBooks was designed to help managing financial information more easily. It helps in accounting, bookkeeping and managing your income and expenses.

As manual data entry from X-Cart to QuickBooks and vice-versa can provoke errors except of being boring and time consuming, there was developed special software to automate the process of synchronizing product and customer information between online store and accounting package. Thus online merchants got an instrument to assign order data to the proper accounts correctly. QuickBooks Integration is a Store Manager for X-Cart addon which allows you to export your X-Cart products, customers and orders from your store to QuickBooks.

How QuickBooks Integration Addon can be useful in your x-cart management specifically? Integration feature ensures complete and accurate export of customers, products and orders. If you worry about errors, X-Cart QuickBooks Integration is a perfect decision to avoid duplicate data entry and other problems arising from data entry errors.
Time has always been one of the valued resources in business. By increasing speed you can save the time spent on data conversion and data entry errors exporting your customers, products and orders to QuickBooks in timely manner.

Now you can see that X-Cart software really possesses multiple features to make selling process successful for store owners and shopping experience enjoyable for customers.

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