X-Cart Store Manager

Sunset Version of Store Manager for X-Cart: Now the Application Is Available for Free

eMagicOne team informs X-Cart users that Store Manager for this shopping cart has been sunsetted. Recently we have released the sunset version of the application, what means that active development of the software has been stopped. This decision was not spontaneous and has been made on the basis of critical analysis, drew by the company from the viewpoint of global and dynamic ecommerce development, shopping cart ratings and their dominance at the market.

Brand new, totally revamped, enhanced version of X-Cart, that will be based on X-Cart engine, is going to be released. More flexible functionality and features will be implemented. New X-Cart version has different database structure and logics, so respectively completely new Store Manager product is required.

Store Manager for X-Cart sunset

Sunset version of Store Manager for X-Cart is free and can be downloaded at sunset.xcart-manager.com. Merchants who have commercial version the application can continue using it for business management. Support will be provided for users who have active updates till the time, update expires. Previously released versions of Store Manager are accessible for download, although no updates will be provided.

Store Manager is compatible with X-Cart version 4.7.3 or older. Support of newer versions will not be implemented.

Below you can find what fixes and improvements have been implemented in the sunset release of Store Manager for X-Cart application.


  • Notifying message will be shown if X-Cart users check “Create import log file” button on the last step of the import wizard, but incorrect file path will be indicated in log filename field
  • The option, allowing to clear all configurations has been added to import/export wizard
  • X-Cart 4.7.3 support has been added
  • Lower grid enhancements have been implemented: details are not being refreshed when category or product focus changes
  • Full screen mode has been added in this release


  • Connection wizard was not displayed at the first program startup. The inconvenience has been fixed and now it is shown
  • When SKU is modified now corresponding records are refreshed in database
  • The issue related to automated data import that forced Store Manager shutdown, has been fixed and now Store Manager performs properly
  • Earned Bonus Points were displayed improperly in previous Store Manager version. This has been fixed and now Earned Bonus Points are displayed properly
  • Store Manager crashed if no value was provided in price field. The issue has been fixed and the application works properly now
  • Error occurred when X-Cart user added logo to product manufacturer. The problem has been eliminated
  • No products were displayed when one applied custom filter. The problem has been fixed and filters now return results in a suitable manner
  • Sometimes category relations were not displayed in product edit form. The issue has been fixed and you check what category product belongs to in the edit form
  • Previously Address (Line 2) was not displayed in X-Cart back-end if it was added via Store Manager and vice versa. The problem has been fixed and Address is displayed in Store Manager and Admin, notwithstanding how it was added
  • News List added in Store Manager was not displayed in the Admin. The inconvenience has been eliminated and data are shown properly
  • Image upload issue occurred on bridge connection. The issue has been eliminated in this release of Store Manager

Whenever you want to exploit Store Manager for X-Cart functional capabilities, download it free at sunset.xcart-manager.com and use it as long as needed. Documentation, that provides instructions and tips on Store Manager functioning, is at your disposal, although no support will be provided.

The company will do its best and focus on development of workable solutions for leading ecommerce platforms.

Summer is Here: Do Not Let Your Sales Go on Vacation!

Summertime! People plan their vacations, look for some fun new places to travel and generally relax and take things easy. Maybe this is true for lots, but not ecommerce business owners, who are stressed because of possible summer sales slowdown.

It is true that this time of the year people get less focused on buying things, but that doesn’t have to be your case! When others are sleepy, you need to wake up. It can be an opportunity to try the things you haven’t done yet.

So here are some tips and tricks to keep your buyers traffic high and make sales go away from summer decline.

update your store catalog

Update Your Store Catalog

A list of store owners’ to-do tasks seems to never end. One of the main points of this checklist is refreshing your content and this is the first thing you should take care of this summer. The great idea is to include seasonal items that are in demand.

If you sell not season-targeted products, think about your existing inventory. Define best-selling items and check the quantity you have got in stock. The good idea is to make connection with supplier and make scheduled updates to avoid manual inventory updates and overstocking.

update your prices

Give Customers Hot-Hot Pricing

It’s hot outside so make your pricing just as hot inside your store. To help entice people to get in your store during those off-peak times you can offer your items for special discounted prices. Probably not for the whole store, just certain items that you would like to be bought in the first place.

Reconsider your store pricing scheme and make price reductions for limited period of time to bring traffic to your shop during this relatively slow period.

refine the look of your store

Refine the Look of Your Store

Summer is on, so you might think about the idea of making your store more seasonal. Even if you don’t sell swimming suits or other products for going to the beach, it doesn’t mean you can’t be the part of it.

Summer is associated with sun, cheerfulness and fun. Let your customers get into summer spirit! Make your site and products look appeal to the audience. Add summer-themed banner, change template on more bright and even make the summer shoot of your merchandise. Improve visual look to your products and draw clients’ attention.

connect with sales channels

Explore Options of Sales Channel

The more places your items are listed to, the higher are the chances that clients will come across them and place the order. So try to get where your customers usually go for shopping and expand your reach! Explore other sales channels – like eBay or Amazon – to increase the chance that a customer finds you quicker. This can boost your traffic and make your sales skyrocket through the summer.

receive sales everywhere

Receive Sales Everywhere You Are

Just because people spend less time at this computers, it does not mean that they are out of reach at all. They may take smartphones and tablets when they are travelling or simply chilling out. The same concerns you as store owner. You can go on vacation, but this does not mean that your store has to take days-off too. You can continue monitoring sales, clients and other statistics on your shop directly from your mobile device.

Summer slowdown is either a chance to ‘go home early’, or an opportunity to explore new possibilities for your business that you usually don’t have time to do. If you choose the second variant, we want to help you jump into it and be ready to get the most out of this season.

Choose eMagicOne’s software to beat summer sales slump!

Or download FREE trial right now and check how easier things are made. Feel the difference with Store Manager -

How do you cope with the seasonal sales slowdown in your ecommerce business? Let us know how you're handling it using comments section below.

Stay Connected to Your Store with New Mobile Assistant for X-Cart

Online store can not be left unattended, can it? You think, being far from office or home it will be not possible for you to view the latest changes, track sales and analyze overall store performing? You need to be connected to your store irrespective of time and place you stay at the moment.

Mobile Assistant for X-Cart makes store administrating more flexible and allows to instantly reach your store data from anywhere. Mobile device, you use in everyday life, delivers quick access to store data after Assistant is being installed on it.

The application furnishes vital information, builds graphics that display store performance, allows to browse products, customers, orders and offers convenient filtering mechanism. Set informative widgets to get the latest activities displayed on mobile screen.

Mobile Assistant

eMagicOne company never stops at what has been accomplished and has recently released new version of mobile application. Having installed Mobile Assistant for X-Cart 2.1 you can take advantage of new functionality that will ultimately make web shop management more comfortable and help you run business with ease, namely

  • application interface has been redesigned, adapted to tablets and smartphones
  • new filter has been added to application widgets
  • now you can filter orders by specific statuses
  • error reporting has been improved
  • other improvements and enhancements

Download Mobile Assistant for X-Cart and keep in touch with you store 24/7.

Source - http://blog.emagicone.com/2014/04/stay-connected-to-your-store-with-new.html

By Ira Svedovetska

Get Ready for Business Season Not Emptying Your Wallets!

eMagicone discount

You think that it is enough time to get ready for the season? Early bird eats the worm!

The end of summer is quickly approaching. You have to get ready for fall, as forthcoming season will probably bring chores that involve more work over your online store. Though, you shouldn't empty your bank account doing it or deprive yourself from the possibility to enjoy last days of summer, working hard on the following tasks:

  • Freshening up of your catalog;
  • Maintaining proper inventory levels;
  • Setting attractive and smart prices;
  • Adding some colors to store, updating imagery etc.

eMagicOne company wishes you to enjoy last summers days and forget about tedious procedures devoted to getting your online shop ready for business season-to-be. We offer you a valuable opportunity to buy smart software for making store management a breeze with 20% discount code - GET-NSKY-DONE that can be applied on all the products we offer.

Discount is active for 2 weeks only (from August 16th till 30th).

Enjoy last summer shopping spree before busy business season knocks your door.

eMagicOne Summarizes Biggest Achievements of the Year on Its Birthday

Birthday is usually the time to think what major milestones have been achieved and what is yet to come.

We started out 11 years ago and up to now build a company that creates really unique software that changes the way people use online shops.

These days eMagicOne company celebrates its anniversary and recollects the achievements made during this year:

As for our future resolutions, we hope that eMagicOne company will keep offering fantastic products with high standards for product quality and exceptional customer service.

We would also like to give a big ‘Thank You’ to the ones who have made eMagicOne what it is now - our team, our clients, our families and our partners. Hope to have many more enjoyable years with You.

Happy Birthday!

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Your help, support, suggestions, feedback, comments and kind words are invaluable to our development and achievements. Thank you for being with us!

Your Birthday-Boys&Girls at eMagicOne

How to Create X-Cart Product Variants via Product Options?

Oftentimes X-Cart users offer products that are being characterized by subtle difference, let’s say goods differ in size or color, in case you sell clothing. These items come in variants and it might be quite cumbersome to create separate product for each and every of these variants. You can treat them as one product and offer under the same product title.

It’s more convenient for you, as web merchant, since you can apply set of X-Cart options across multiple products in less time. Web visitors, in their turn, can customize a purchase and choose necessary product variation. By means of X-Cart options you describe the difference between this or that product variant. Thus, adding certain item to cart, buyers can select option or combination of options that best suit their needs.

Store Manager for X-Cart allows you in a matter of minutes set X-Cart options and create customizable products. First of all, you have to differentiate “product option” and “product class” notions. X-Cart product class should be created first, as it incorporates list of option variants possible. If, for example, you are selling blouses in 6 colors (blue, white, brown, red, pink, purple) and 3 sizes (S, M, L), then logically Color and Size will represent product classes, that will include list of X-Cart product options - specific class values.

To efficiently set X-Cart products with options you are to accomplish the following procedures:

Define what item you need to create X-Cart options for

Open Categories and Products section of Store Manager for X-Cart application and select an item you need from X-Cart product list. You may use product filter or search functionality to easily derive required product.

Add X-Cart product class

As it was mentioned above, before adding options to some products you should create product class. Having selected a product, go to the lower grid, where you will find Product Options section. Among all the options accessible you can see Class Manager button. Press it to add necessary X-Cart product class.

You have to define:

  • Class - input product class name (e.g color, size)
  • Class Text - class name as it will appear at product page - name of the field from which customers will choose X-Cart option values
  • Order by - define position of current product class relatively to other classes fields shown at product page
  • Class Type - define suitable class type among:

1.Price modifier - class type that allows to modify product price, depending on option value chosen by a customer. Price can be altered by percentage or absolute value.

2.Product variant - specifying this option type you will be able to define all X-Cart options combinations available for certain product.

3.Custom text field - this option type furthers product customization, allowing customers to add description of certain option. As an example, buying some gift, a customer would like gift card to come with it. It’s possible to provide card message via custom text field.

Create X-Cart options

Necessary product classes being created, add desired option values to a product. Highlight same product in X-Cart product list and go to Product Options section below. Press “A new product option” icon on the toolbar and in the window opened specify necessary information, namely:

  • Class - select appropriate product class from the drop-down (color or size)
  • Option name - input option value name (e.g white, green, red for color; S, M, L for size)
  • Price modifier - via this option you can set price markup for current product option. If you want to increase or decrease price specify modifier type (percentage or fixed value) and value price will be modified by
  • Order by - define position of current option value

X-Cart options can be also managed in Product Variants form, that is being opened by pressing corresponding button on product toolbar. It lists all the combinations available and allows to create new options or update existing ones.

Product options are feasible way of X-Cart products customizations. Streamline and simplify the process of product options management - create and update product classes and options, associate option values to necessary products, copy/paste product options at an easy rate with Store Manager for X-Cart application. Get more details on Store Manager for X-Cart - http://www.xcart-manager.com